J-Source/CWA Canada Reporting Fellowship Pieces:
What if we imagined a future where media workers were owners?
also republished by The Tyee

Stronger Together: How Journalists Can Collaborate

The CRTC’s “Big Telecom” Blind Spot

New York Times:

We Can’t Police Our Way Out of a Pandemic (w/ Brandon Marshall) (print)
Coronavirus and the Isolation Paradox (print – international edition)
The Latest Failure in the War on Drugs (w/ Brandon Marshall)
Data for the Public Good
The Opioid Crisis Isn’t White (print)

Washington Post:
What the opioid epidemic can learn from tobacco settlements (w/ Brandon Marshall)
The deadly consequences of Islamophobia in Canada

The Nation:
These Students Took Care of Each Other When Their Universities Didn’t
Whom Is the DSA Reaching? The Teens.

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Teen Vogue:
The Stress of Coronavirus Means We Should Get Rid of Grades and Use Universal Pass
Lethal Injection Drugs and the Death Penalty, Explained
Antifa History and Politics, Explained

The stillness of the river
Filet-O-Fish: It’s Halal That
Friday Prayers

The Appeal:
A New Rhode Island Law Allows For Life Sentences in Drug Overdoses (w/ Meghan Peterson)

Twitter doesn’t need more policies, it needs diverse moderators
Why Americans must stop talking about Trump’s mythical “white working class” voters

Massey College and insidious racism on Canadian campuses

The Globe and Mail:
Canada isn’t immune when it comes to mistreating migrants within our borders (w/ Chris Ramsaroop)(print)
To truly tackle the opioid crisis, governments need to work together (w/ Brandon Marshall) (print)
In extreme heat, landlords should be required to keep tenants cool (print)
Dental care is a right – not a luxury

People of Colour Know Police Won’t Protect Us from Racist Hate

Justin Trudeau isn’t the immigration savior you’re looking for

How The Toronto Sun Serves To Advance A Bigoted Narrative
Toronto Life’s Troubling Tropes About People Of Colour
How to make a lazy narrative fit your desired hot take

A Side:
Carly Rae Jepsen made me a better writer

NOW Magazine:
Peel school board’s Muslim prayer mix-up (print)

Millennials Aren’t the Problem

Via Rail Debacle Shows Demand for Affordable Transit
Kellie Leitch Dogwhistles To Racists When Pledging to Deny Transit Funding to ‘Sanctuary Cities’
The Racism and Classism of Transit Manners