zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Toronto Life’s Troubling Tropes About People Of Colour

June. 14th 2017

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Peel school board’s Muslim prayer mix-up – NOW Magazine
Apr. 6th 2017

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Via Rail Debacle Shows Demand for Affordable Transit – Torontoist
Apr. 4th 2017

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Kellie Leitch Dogwhistles To Racists When Pledging to Deny Transit Funding to ‘Sanctuary Cities’ – Torontoist
Mar. 16th 2017

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Justin Trudeau isn’t the immigration savior you’re looking for – ThinkProgress
Mar. 15th 2017

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  The Racism and Classism of Transit Manners – Torontoist
Feb. 24th 2017

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Millennials Aren’t the Problem – Jacobin
Feb. 18th 2017

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  How to make a lazy narrative fit your desired hot take – CANADALAND
Feb. 3rd 2017

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400 Whatever the outcome of the US Election, Trumpism is here to stay — Media Diversified 
Nov. 5th 2016

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400 Why the #BernieorBust movement is failing Americans of colour – Media Diversified 
May. 26th 2016

— Pieces from university —

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Op-ed: In living colour – The Varsity
April. 4th 2016

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Op-ed: Student Unions are inherently Political – The Varsity
Sept. 6th 2015

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Op-ed: Clean Up Your Mess – The Varsity
March. 23rd 2015

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Student movements need to look internally to be successful – The Varsity (also syndicated to The Ubyssey)
February. 10th 2014

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Student–administration cooperation paralyzed in the face of austerity – The Varsity
August. 29th 2013

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  lf students don’t stand up for justice, who will? – The Varsity
February. 24th 2013

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Access to education breaks up the status quo – The Varsity
January. 20th 2013

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  As U of T grows, we need more student-run food outlets – The Varsity 
November. 18th 2012

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  It’s time to unite and work for students – The Varsity
September. 30th 2012

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Rebuttal: We should all pay for higher education – The Varsity
September. 16th 2012

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  UTSU’s to do list – The Varsity
August. 25th 2012

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Education is worth protesting for – The Varsity
June. 18th 2012

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Wanted: legislation to protect social media privacy – The Varsity 
June. 11th 2012

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Reflection on the election – The Varsity
March. 11th 2012

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  Preserving free speech – The Varsity
March. 5th 2012

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  The dysfunctions of student politics – The Varsity 
February. 26th 2012

zcpgbnu0g01u4wr8so3z_400x400  No substitutions – The Varsity
January. 29th 2012